Phase-ii goals

Phase-i completion

masjid Expansion Project - Phase 2
Alhamdulillah, the Phase 1 construction project was completed, Inspections by the City of Albany was obtained and the space was started to be used from the first day of the last Ramadan- the front section of this new building is being used for Jumah prayers and special functions by the brothers and the middle and back sections by the sisters on constant use basis. We are grateful to Allah, and are very pleased that the completion of this project has eased out the congestion we had been facing for the last several years, as well as, it has encouraged us to plan and execute other fruitful programs.
Our current plan is to finish Phase 2 of the project, old space of the masjid. Above images shows the current construction project, Our plan is to finish the construction by 2024 Ramadan. Insha Allah once completed we will have a total capacity of 1500 people in the masjid. It will also have a beautiful islmaic facade and minaret. 
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