Nikah Request

Nikah request

Nikah requests require two things from the bride and groom that allow this joyous event to be handled smoothly:

  1. The form that is shown at the bottom of this page must be completed and submitted online.
The information provided in the form is sent to our Masjid Administrators who will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  Our turn around time commitment is 48 hours so please plan accordingly.
For urgent requests, please call  (518) 417-1784, or come in person to the masjid between Dhuhr and Isha times to speak with the Masjid administrator.  Refer to the home page for Iqamah times for Dhuhr and Isha.
$150.00 fee paid to the masjid with receipt (this fee does not include an honorarium for the sheikh performing the service)
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